WP Farm

Managed Cloud

Fault tolerant distributed resources.

Managed Bare Metal

Single tenant performance tuned servers.

Unmanaged Installs

Installation on network + hardware of your choice.

Managed Network
All WordPress networks are served from our on premise dedicated hardware. No cloud, shared hosting, or crowded networks to impede your WordPress application. Installations are custom, monitored, and tailored for your business needs.

WordPress multisite network fully installed and configured on hardware of your choice. Software is implemented with best practices – hardware and future maintainance will ultimately be your responsibility.

Multiple network providers

Premium plugins + themes available

Historical backups

Regular security audits




20GB storage
Unlimited pages
Unlimited sites
Free 7 day trial

Bare Metal


120GB SSD Storage
2x 2.5GHz Quadcore CPUs
Custom plugin + theme deployment

MU Install or Migration


Network of your choice
Domain mapping + DNS assistance
Non WordPress data import
Ongoing support available

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload my custom plugin or theme?

Custom plugin and theme deployment is available on our Managed Bare Metal plan.

Can I import my current site?

Any WordPress or Drupal site can be imported with minimal effort. Non WordPress sites would need our migration service.

Do you offer multi-site installs?

Currently only available on our Managed Bare Metal plan.

Where can I sign up?

Invitation from an existing member is the quickest way to get access.

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